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Mcgarrybowen LLC

Design and developed user friendly, visual appealing web interface for internal tools using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Sencha. Projects include revenue tools, pricing tools for the Finance department and employee widget tools for the whole agency.

Just Interpretation

Just Interpretation needed an update to their website with a more modern look and feel. Using the Bootstrap framework, I updated the site's overall design and functionality. I also illustrated all the images used on the website.


Singularity Technology Solutions LLC. needed a website that can showcase it's multiple trading products. I used a unified theme to tie the products together, and kept the uniqueness of each product with different color.

Mobile Site

The main focus of the project was to redesign current Singularity mobile site with an app like UI. Using Sencha mobile interface as a base, I have updated all aspects of the mobile website to give it a more polished and user friendly appeal.

Web Trading Platform

The web equity trading platform, and the web options trading platform are used by many serious traders. To design an intuitive and usable trade interface is a challenging task which I'm happy to be involved with. I help planed and designed most of the front end user experience for both platforms.

FXCM Back Office and Help Center

FXCM, a well-known trading company needs to have a back office for their equity trading platform. I helped designed the overall feel of the back office and the help center for using the back office.


iShouts is a personal project of mine. It's a place to showcase different characters that I have designed. These characters each have a unique personality of their own.

NYC Sketches

Quick sketches done using Sketchbook mobile app on the iPhone. Most subjects are strangers on the subway or in the cafe. It is really quick and loose, mainly for practicing my drawing skills.

818 Antiques

A webcomic about a girl running the antiques store that was left by her grandfather. Coming soon...

Alice and Timepimp

A webcomic about Alice and Timetimp in thier adventures across the Cosmos. Coming soon...

About Me

I am a designer, front-end developer, and illustrator living in New York City. Passionate about creating visually appealing and functional designs. Always learning and working to improve my skills. Download My Resume pdf icon (.pdf) Download My Work Samples pdf icon (.pdf)

Please contact me by email jx(at)junxu.com for any questions, comments, or requests.



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